Bumper Jackson's at Summer Sounds Concert Series

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Summer Sounds Concert Series, 135 N Maple Ave, Greensburg, PA

Roots, jazz, country and swing. Stories and songs of Appalachia. Come on down to Greensburg town, take a seat and be woven into a musical story that never stops being told.

From the video of “I’ve Never Met A Stranger” it looks like the Jacksons have gained a drum kit, a whole convoy of 2,3 and 4-wheeled pedal vehicles, and a bunch of like-minded bicyclist fans/friends.

When last they visited, their rhythm section consisted of an upright bass and a suitcase filled with percussion-type items. This old, old, old-timey band (even live, they look like they’ve been filmed, or dressed, in sepia) was begun a while and a half back, by Jess Eliot Myhre, she of the woodwind and custom DeeLuxe washboard section, and Chris Ousley, who looks like he inherited Meththusaleh’s beard. They often toured aboard bikes in the beginning, whether to save money or to be very different from the average Ford Econoline-riding band, they won’t say.